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About Us

Haiyan Huadian Chuangye Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in photoelectric sampler (photoelectric head) for electric energy meter measurement, terminal block (meter base) of electric energy meter (State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation intelligent electric meter base, general meter base), electric energy meter The R & D, production and sales of testing equipment (calibration table) and supporting products are integrated technology-based enterprises.


Over the past few years, the company has relied on advanced production equipment, capable scientific and technological teams and strong economic strength to continue to innovate and forge ahead. The technology content of its products has continued to increase, and its sales have increased year by year. The sales have covered all provinces and municipal power companies and electric energy meter manufacturing enterprises, and are exported to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. The company was identified as a small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a privately-owned scientific and technological enterprise in Jiaxing, and a high-tech enterprise in Jiaxing. General Manager Jiang Mingxiang is one of the drafters of the national industry standard "Photoelectric Sampler for Electric Energy Meter Measurement". The company has developed and developed numerically-controlled and analog electric energy metering photoelectric samplers, State Grid, South Grid smart meter terminals (seat), smart electric meter box terminals, and has obtained more than 20 national patents.

Company Profile

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    Efficient, convenient and safe

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    Deepening Management and Strengthening Implementation


I. Corporate Culture


We take "science and technology come from wisdom, products become intentions" as the corporate culture, pay attention to the investment of new technology, pay attention to the upgrading of employees'skills, we believe that science and technology originate from wisdom, we believe that products become intentions!


2. Business Philosophy


We take "honesty, innovation, openness and cooperation" as our business philosophy!


Honesty: We insist that honesty is the foundation of our company's survival, and we insist that integrity, honesty, trust and responsible attitude run through every link of our company's operation.


Innovation: We advocate the innovative spirit of exploring for the benefit of customers and the work style of practicing and acting better than words. We also advocate innovation in every position and work details to improve work efficiency and quality.


Openness: We pursue an open working attitude, strive to create an inclusive working atmosphere, be good at finding our shortcomings from the different opinions of colleagues, customers and partners, and constantly improve ourselves. Our greatest enemy is complacency and conservatism.


Cooperation: We carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and actively explore a variety of external strategic alliance cooperation methods, unite all forces that can be united, and take all possible ways to cooperate to achieve win-win development.


3. Management Ideas


We take "people-oriented, realistic and pragmatic, strengthen implementation, pay attention to efficiency" as the management concept.


People-oriented: respect employees, care for employees, from the specific reality of employees, enhance the value of employees.


Seeking truth and pragmatism: Seeking truth from facts, not falsely, and putting all kinds of work into practice.


Strengthen the execution: Strengthen the execution, advocate the "day-to-day, day-to-day high" style of work.


Pay attention to efficiency: Pay attention to efficiency and advocate effective methods and results.