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Huadian Entrepreneurship invites you to create a better future

Huadian Entrepreneurship invites you to create a better future

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Haiyan Huadian Venture Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and development of electric energy sampler for electric energy meter, electric energy meter wiring device (State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation intelligent electric energy meter table, universal table), electric energy meter testing equipment and related products. Production and sales of integrated technology companies. Over the past few years, the company has relied on advanced production equipment, capable technical team and strong economic strength to continuously develop and innovate, forge ahead, and the technological content of products has been continuously improved, and the sales volume has increased year by year. The sales have covered all provinces and municipal power companies and electric energy meter manufacturers in the country, and are exported to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. The company was identified as a small and medium-sized technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province and a private technology enterprise in Jiaxing City and a high-tech enterprise in Jiaxing City. General Manager Jiang Mingxiang is one of the drafters of the national industry standard for "Electrical Sampler for Energy Meter Measurement". The company's research and development of digital and analog electric energy meter measuring photoelectric sampler, State Grid, South Network smart meter terminal sitting (table support), smart energy meter table box plug-in terminal, has obtained more than 20 national patents. Recently, the company has invested in and developed Yuba, drying racks, intelligent controllers (smart switches), and applied for a number of national patents.



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