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HD2002 Photoelectric sampler for electronic energy meter measurement (adsorption type)

Main Features
(1) Main features:
1. No need for fixed installation, suction with suction cup and magnet, exclusive patent.
2. With imported receiving device, it can collect various stroboscopic pulse signals at different positions.
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1. Use the suction cup to suck the curved rod on the surface of the electric energy meter or use the magnet at the top of the suction cup to adsorb on the iron around the electric energy meter. Bend the bending rod to align the receiving probe with the pulse indicator LED of the electric energy meter.
2. Turn on the power, the green LED indicator is always on, adjust the potentiometer, so that the red LED signal output indicator is off, and then adjust to the red LED signal output indicator in the opposite direction, with the energy meter pulse LED signal output indicator light, Can be extinguished.
Technical indicators:
Working voltage: DC 4.5-6V
Working current: ≤ 10 mA (the following parameters are measured at 5V power supply)
Power consumption: ≤ 0.05W (when no load)
Ambient temperature: ―10~45°C
Relative humidity: 40 to 80% (working)
Input frequency: 50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz
Output signal: high level ≥ 4.5V, low level ≤ 0.2V
Output current: 3.5mA~ 4mA
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