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HD108 Photoelectric sampler for electric energy meter detection (adsorption type)

Main Features
main feature:
1. It can collect the black mark signal of the mechanical electric energy meter and receive the pulse indication signal of the electronic electric energy meter.
2. The potentiometer is used to adjust the comparison level and sampling sensitivity, and is indicated by four LED indicators, which is convenient for light and strong in realism.
3. Adopt imported receiving tube, strong anti-interference.
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1. Turn on the red switch and place the photoelectric sampler directly in front of the calibration meter, about 15-25 mm away from the surface of the calibration surface, so that the two luminous points intersect, adjust the upper and lower position, so that the center point of the beam is shot. On the school table disc.
2. Adjust the potentiometer, adjust to the level indicator green, the yellow LED light is off, and the signal output red LED lights up. Then adjust the potentiometer to the opposite direction, adjust to the level indicating that the LED light is just on, the signal output is red LED light (just off when there is no black mark), and the signal output red LED light is on when the black mark arrives (there is signal output) . If the dial turns one turn and there are two or more signals output, the potentiometer will continue to adjust slightly in the opposite direction.
3. If the level indicator LED does not go out, the red signal LED light has no signal output indication, the optical sampler can adjust the internal and external distance or the up and down position, and then adjust the potentiometer back and forth.
4. When receiving the LED pulse signal indicator of the electronic energy meter, press the red button to turn off the first two LEDs. The pulse output signal of the intermediate receiving tube is aligned with the electric energy meter to indicate the LED light, and is about 10~20 mm from the luminous point of the LED light (the following steps are the same as 2). When the red button is pressed, the receiving frequency can reach 200Hz.
Wiring method:
1. Working voltage: DC 4.5-6V, current: ≤ 70mA
2. Sampling frequency: 50, 200Hz
(The following parameters are measured at 5V power supply)
3. Power consumption: ≤ 0.35W (when no load)
4. Ambient temperature: ―10~45°C
5. Relative humidity: 40 to 80% (working)
6. Sampling distance: 10 ~ 40mm
7. Output signal: high level ≥ 4.5V (no black mark)
Low level ≤ 0.2V (with black mark)
8. Output current: 3.5mA~ 4mA
9. Anti-interference: Deburring ≤ 3.0mm
Incandescent light ≤ 1000 lx
Sun light ≤ 1500 lx
10. Dimensions: 80mm × 50mm × 23mm
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