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HD2000 Photoelectric sampler for numerical control electric energy meter measurement

Main Features
main feature:
1. Automatically identify the black mark on the power meter and filter out various burrs with a width of not more than 3.0 mm on the dial.
2. Convenient for light. Just turn the black mark and you can remember the largest black spot signal and complete the light.
3. Automatic adjustment. To cancel the traditional potentiometer adjustment, just press the reset button and it can be adjusted automatically with the error computer. The position of the photosampler is unchanged, and no adjustment is required when the meter is switched from full load to light load.
4. Lock function. After the completion of the light, after pressing the reset button, it will enter the locked state after about 60 seconds (ie, the lock indication green LED lights up). Once it enters the locked state, whenever the sampler is turned up or down or left and right, as long as it returns to the original fixed position , no need to press the reset button again.
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